Lviv Secession

Part Five: Secessionist Buildings Designed by Unknown Architects


Below are some Secessionist buildings in Lviv whose architects I have not been able to identify.


32. Chornovola Ave. 19

This is probably the most attractive in the row of Secessionist façades on Chornovola Avenue.



33. Chornovola Ave. 25


The influence of geometric Art Nouveau is, perhaps, more visible here than on the other façades of the Chornovola Avenue. More noteworthy is the Secessionist metalwork at the entrance to the shop on the ground floor.





34. Kulisha St. 35-37

This façade is remarkable for the elegant stucco decoration between the first and second floors and around the attic windows. The building beautifully dominates the western end of the Medova Street.




35. Kulisha St. 40

While some decorative elements of this façade are unique, others are very similar to the ones on the buildings on Chornovola Avenue, which suggests common authorship.



36. Dzherelna St. 21 / Krekhivska St. 2

The façades of this corner building show an attractive combination of Secessionist motifs, such as flowers, wreaths and mascarons.



37. Vesela St. 1

This is among the most notable Secessionist structures in the former Jewish quarter, located north of the Old Town.



38. Kotsyubynskoho St. 10

This building has some floral ornaments and mascarons on its façade. Its entrance is beautiful, too.



39. Tykha St. 3

This façade is an example of a more restrained version of Art Nouveau.



40. Horodotska St. 78

This building has some geometric and floral Secessionist ornaments on its façades.



41. Pidvalna tram and bus stop

Pidvalna Street, across the Korniakt Tower

I haven’t found any information about the origins of this beautiful Secessionist wrought-iron structure.