Grande Flânerie is cited in the following publications and websites:

The Art Nouveau Atlas of the About Art Nouveau blog uses the information provided by Grande Flânerie about the Modern Style buildings in Tbilisi.

All Eyes on Budapest is an archive of the 20th-century architecture in the Hungarian capital. It refers to my portfolio about the Art Deco and Bauhaus buildings of the city.

The website mentions my website in an overview of the Bauhaus architecture of Tel Aviv.

Art Nouveau World is a wonderful cross-referenced geo-tagged database of Art Nouveau buildings from all over the world. It uses hundreds of my photos.

One of my photos about the Walls of Constantinople appears in the following publication: Deniz Sever Georgousakis. (2020). Byzantine Amulets in the Eastern Mediterranean and Constantinople, in: Materials for the Study of Late Antique and Medieval Greek and Latin Inscriptions in Istanbul. A Revised and Expanded Booklet. Prepared by I. Toth and A. Rhoby, Oxford and Vienna, 127-135.

The Byzantine Legacy website, which I have extensively consulted during my travels and in the compilation of my portfolios, uses a photo of mine about the Walls of Thessaloniki.

My photo of the vault mosaic of the Syriac Orthodox Monastery of Mar Gabriel near Midyat appears in the following publication: François Pacha Miran, Le décor de la Bible syriaque de Paris (BnF, syr. 341) et son rôle dans l’histoire du livre chrétien, Cahiers d’études syriaques 7, Paris: Geuthner, 2019-2020.

My photo of the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade won a special mention of the 4th Docomomo Photo Prize in 2019 (theme Cure and Care Architecture).

In East Journal, an Italy-based online journal dedicated to Central and Eastern Europe, an article about the work of Ödön Lechner in Budapest mentions Grande Flânerie.

An article about modernist architecture in Indonesia Design uses my photo of an International-Style building in Tel Aviv as an illustration.

The Innova Concrete website, which provides information about significant buildings made of concrete from all the countries of the European Union, uses my photos of the Bauhaus Archives in Berlin and the Hodek Apartment House in Prague.

Serbian web magazine Novi Standard cites my portfolio about the Greek/Orthodox churches in Istanbul. is an extensive website about castles and castle ruins in Czech. It mentions Grande Flânerie in the context of Byzantine architecture.

The following article in a journal of Anatolian archaeological studies refers to my portfolio about the Byzantine heritage of Thessaloniki: Ebru Fatma Findik. (2021). Saint Nicholas Church, Brick Decorations of Northern Annex: Rosette Motif or Invincible Sun. Arkhaia Anatolika, 4, pp. 41-82. 

On the YouTube account of Father Shamoun Asmar a Syriac Orthodox hymn is published, using in the background my photos from Mardin and Midyat.

A blog dedicated to the Vefa neighbourhood in Istanbul uses my texts and photos of the Aqueduct of Valens, the Church of Theotokos Kyriotissa and the Church of Hagios Theodoros in Karbounaria.

Wendingen is a website of the Museum Het Schip in Amsterdam, providing extensive information about the Amsterdam School of architecture. I have contributed an article with photos there about the building on Vytauto Avenue 58 in Kaunas, in which I stayed in July 2020. The Kaunas building was inspired by the famous Het Sieraad building in Amsterdam.

Grande Flânerie is also referenced in the following book about Istanbul: Beba Papakyriakou, Whatever you do, do not visit Istanbul (unless you want to come alive!), 2019.

Some Wikipedia articles mention Grande Flânerie in their list of references. These include the articles about the architecture of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the architect Rudolf Tönnies in the English Wikipedia as well as the article about the Yanbol Synagogue in Istanbul in the Hebrew Wikipedia.

Teachers from schools in various countries have also used Grande Flânerie in their work.