Tel Aviv White City


61. HaYarkon St. 136 / Gordon St. 2

The concentration of sharp angles at the corner of this symmetrical building is vaguely reminiscent of some Expressionist buildings.



62. Ruppin St. 4

Interesting balconies can be seen between the tree branches on the street façade.




63. HaYarkon St. 118

The dynamic corner solution makes it one of the most attractive buildings on HaYarkon Street.



64. HaYarkon St. 90 / Bograshov St. 1

The vertical aspect of the ground floor windows contrasts with the horizontal orientation of the rest of the façade.



65. HaYarkon St. 62 / Ness Tsiyona St. 2

The strong horizontal orientation of the HaYarkon Street façade contrasts with the rounded volumes facing the Ness Tsiyona Street.



66. Idelson St. 12 / Ben Yehuda St. 10

This is one of several International Style buildings on Idelson Street. The play of volumes is much less controlled here than in most structures of the era in Tel Aviv. It must have been modified and extended in recent years.



67. Pinsker St. 20 / Zalman Shneour St. 1

This building has an interesting corner solution, with the large window on the upper floors, and interesting rows of small rectangular openings in the parapets of the long balconies.




68. Merkaz Ba’alei Melaha St. 44

The horizontal slits in the parapets give this building an airy look, especially at the corner.




69. Melchett St. 17 / George Eliot St. 15

This building has a thermometer window, which can be found on several façades in Tel Aviv, as well as interesting window frames, reminiscent of the rectangular patterns seen in paintings by Mondrian.



70. Rothschild Blvd. 59

The volumes of this building are gradually set back from the street line, which creates space for the unusual balcony structure at the front corner.



71. Yehuda HaLevi St. 50 / Ze’ev Tiomkin St. 1

The horizontal articulation of textures and colours that can be seen here is a modest variation of that of the façade of the Elishav House on Mazeh Street.



72. Menachem Begin Rd. 29

An interesting corner building near the famous Recanati House



73. Shefer St. 23 / Nahalat Binyamin St. 20

I haven’t been able to identify the original function of this corner building. It now belongs to the Jehovah’s Witnesses.



74. Shefer St. 12 / HaTavor St. 37

This building, located near the Carmel Market, has a well-executed corner solution.



75. Neve Tzedek St. 31 / Bustnay St. 19

International Style buildings can also be found in the Neve Tzedek neighbourhood.



76. Shalma Rd. 73 / Washington Blvd. 32

This structure in Florentin, together with its neighbour (on Shalma Rd. 75 / Washington Blvd. 35), is absolutely outstanding, and I am surprised that I haven’t been able to find any information about it.




77. Yehuda HaYamit St. 29

There is also a number of International Style buildings on Yehuda HaYamit Street in Jaffa. This façade is slightly more traditional compared to its siblings in the White City: its balconies and windows are placed symmetrically, and there is no clear dominance of the vertical lines over the horizontal ones.



78. Yehuda HaYamit St. 31

Long symmetrical balconies covering the entire façade remind me of some Bauhaus buildings in Budapest’s Újlipótváros neighbourhood. The difference is that here there is an awning with the same outline above the upper-floor balcony, whereas in Budapest, the upper balconies are protected by the roofline or are left exposed to the elements.