Art Nouveau of Riga

21. Smilšu iela 2

Konstantīns Pēkšēns, 1902

On the façade of this famous building by Pēkšēns, every window is decorated differently. The bay window is supported by two sculptures and a tree column. A peacock can also be seen on it.



22. Alberta iela 9

Konstantīns Pēkšēns, 1901

A more classical entrance door in an otherwise very Art Nouveau street



23. Antonijas iela 8

Konstantīns Pēkšēns, 1903

Dragons are another common motif on the Art Nouveau buildings in Riga.



24. Lāčplēša iela 4

Konstantīns Pēkšēns, 1905

This is one the first National Romantic buildings in Riga. The trapezoid openings show the influence of the Finnish National Romanticism. The band of narrow horizontal stripes on the ground-floor part of the façade is very interesting.



25. Aleksandra Čaka iela 26

Konstantīns Pēkšēns & Eižens Laube, 1905

This is a very beautiful early National Romantic building in Riga. The lower part of its façade has a big sun motif on it. The inscription above it says ‘My home is my castle’ in Latvian.


The sun motif before the renovation (2017)

caka26 (2)

The sun motif after the renovation (2020)



26. Tērbatas iela 33/35

Konstantīns Pēkšēns & Eižens Laube, 1906

This National Romantic building is interesting because of its elegant play of volumes and textures.



27. Tērbatas iela 15/17

Konstantīns Pēkšēns & Eižens Laube, 1905

This National Romantic school building is very Finnish because of its cave-like entrance, lanterns and heavy granite rustication.



28. Rūpniecības iela 3

Konstantīns Pēkšēns, 1908

This apartment building is an example of the perpendicular Art Nouveau of Riga.


rupniecibas3 (2)

rupniecibas3 (3)


29. Vīlandes iela 4

Konstantīns Pēkšēns, 1908

The decorative reliefs of this façade are as if drawn by a pencil. They are very elegant.


vilandes4 (2)


30. Vīlandes iela 10

Konstantīns Pēkšēns, 1908

The keyhole-shaped entrance door decorated with geometric motifs is the most interesting part of this National Romantic building.



31. Rūpniecības iela 13

Konstantīns Pēkšēns, 1909

This cubical-looking building is very elegantly decorated. There is something Western European about it.


rupniecibas13 (2)

rupniecibas13 (3)


32. Vidus iela 11

Konstantīns Pēkšēns, 1909

This door would fit in well in Schwabing or Bogenhausen in Munich.



33. Vīlandes iela 16

Konstantīns Pēkšēns, 1910

This is another vertically designed National Romantic building with many depictions of the flora.



34. Alberta iela 11

Eižens Laube, 1908

Another very Finnish entrance



35. Brīvības iela 62

Eižens Laube, 1908

The curtain-like fall of the vertical lines on this gable is masterful.



36. Brīvības iela 47

Eižens Laube, 1908

This is another prominent monument of Latvian National Romanticism. The wooden top of one of the gables was taken from vernacular architecture.



37. Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 67

Eižens Laube, 1909-1910



38. Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 69

Aleksandrs Vanags, 1909-1910

The most interesting part of this National Romantic building is the short thick granite pillar at the entrance portal.



39. Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 71

Aleksandrs Vanags, 1909-1910

This National Romantic building has an elegant entrance.



40. Krišjāņa Barona iela 30

Aleksandrs Vanags, 1907

The way stone lines the roof, divides the façade and surrounds the windows and the play of ethnographic motifs on the bay window makes this one of the most beautiful National Romantic buildings in Riga.


barona30 (2)