Tiles of Lisbon

14. Building on Rua das Cruzes da Sé 13-15


This building was a factory that produced weighing scales. The panels depict the craft.



15. Building on Avenida Almirante Reis 45

19th century

The tiles on the façade of this massive building have patterns of small squares, reminiscent of a school notebook.

avenida_almirante_reis 45


16. Building on Largo Trindade Coelho 14-17

19th century

The tiles of this building, located very close to the Church of Saint Roch, are from the Viúva Lamego Ceramics Factory.


largo_trindade_coelho (2)


17. Building at the corner of Largo do Intendente Pina Manique and Travessa do Cidadão João Gonçalves

The roof of this corner house looks Gothic.



18. Building on Avenida Almirante Reis 16

The design of some tiles in Lisbon reminds me of the back side of playing cards.


avenida_almirante_reis_16 (2)


19. Building at the corner of Largo dos Lóios and Rua Bartolomeu de Gusmão

Such combinations of geometric and floral elements are very attractive.


largo_dos_loios (2)


20. Building on Rua de São João da Praça 27

Other beautiful floral patterns

rua_de_sao_joao_ da_praca

rua_de_sao_joao_ da_praca (2)


21. Building on Rua do Barão 35

I love it how flat this façade looks.



22. Building on Beco do Belo 6

The blue tiles look so small that it is difficult to say from afar if they are even azulejos. This is my favourite non-figurative azulejo façade in Lisbon.


beco_do_belo (2)


23. Building on Rua Andrade Corvo 9

Note the figurative tiles between the consoles supporting the balconies.



24. Cais do Sodré Railway Station


This station is remarkable for its Art Déco decoration.



25. Azulejo panels of Miradouro de Santa Luzia

The Santa Luzia view point exhibits two large tile panels from the modern period. One depicts Praça do Comércio before the 1755 earthquake, the other the Christian attack on the São Jorge Castle in 1147. They were designed by António Quaresma and manufactured in the Viúva Lamego Factory.



26. National Azulejo Museum

The following photos are of the collection of the National Azulejo Museum.

An early azulejo panel


Early azulejo techniques

museu_nacional_do_azulejo (2)

An azulejo panel

museu_nacional_do_azulejo (3)

An aves e ramagens azulejo

museu_nacional_do_azulejo (4)

An azulejo panel at Convento da Madre de Deus


An albarrada

museu_nacional_do_azulejo (5)

An azulejo panel

museu_nacional_do_azulejo (6)

An azulejo panel

museu_nacional_do_azulejo (7)

An azulejo panel

museu_nacional_do_azulejo (8)

Grasshoppers and Spikes by Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro

An Art Nouveau panel by the father of the azulejo art in the last decades of the 19th century (Caldas da Rainha Ceramic Factory, c. 1905)


Spikes and a Butterfly by Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro (Caldas da Rainha Ceramic Factory, c. 1905)


Shepherds by Maria Keil (1955)


Ma robe (2000) by Ilda David