Levantine Churches & Mansions in Izmir

Part Four: Karşıyaka

38. Catholic Church of Saint Helena

1728. Sokak 64
Raymond Charles Péré, 1904-1906

Karşıyaka had a Catholic community already in the 1880s. The Catholic church of Karşıyaka was built in 1904-1906 with the financial support of Nicola Aliotti. It was dedicated to Saint Helena, the mother of Constantine the Great, who is believed to have discovered the cross upon which Jesus Christ was crucified. The church was designed by Raymond Charles Péré, the French architect who restored the Church of Saint Polycarp and designed the Izmir Clock Tower. It is a three-nave basilica in the Gothic Revival style.

39. Löhner Mansion

Cemal Gürsel Caddesi 264

The Löhner Mansion is a two-storey building on a rectangular plan. It has wooden ornaments under the eaves, a wooden bay window facing the main street, a stone bay window on the side street, French-style windows on the first floor, brick belts, frames and ornaments on the façades, and brick-and-stone corner accents.

40. Van Der Zee Mansion

Cemal Gürsel Caddesi 322

The Van Der Zee family was one of the oldest Dutch merchant families in Izmir. Their mansion in Karşıyaka consists of a one-storey volume in the front and a higher volume in the back. It is made of stone and brick. The front of the mansion terminates in a pediment supported by wooden columns. The eaves are decorated with wooden ornaments.

41. Pennetti Mansion

Cemal Gürsel Caddesi 338
Armando Pennetti, 1927-1929

The Pennetti Mansion shows the influence of Art Nouveau and the Modernist styles of the 1920s. Notable features include basement-floor rustication, a bay window, terraces and balconies of various proportions, a tower, circular windows, geometric ironwork, tiles with floral motifs, wooden eaves, etc.

Part Five: Other Districts

42. Catholic Church of Our Lady of Lourdes

81. Sokak 10/10A, Göztepe

This church has plain exterior and a bell tower at its southeastern corner. It is an aisleless church with a cave-like altar reminiscent of the Grotto of Lourdes.

43. Catholic Church of Saint Anthony of Padua

1611. Sokak 6, Bayraklı
Joanna Berfiste, 1902-1922

The Catholic Church of Saint Anthony of Padua is the only remaining church of the Capuchins in Izmir. It was built by Joanna Berfiste, the head of the Capuchin order in Smyrna and Greece. The church has a Romanesque Revival façade with a big rose window. It originally had two bell towers at the corners. It is an aisleless church with a huge barrel vault covering the nave. There was an Italian school on the backside of the church.