Art Deco & Bauhaus in Budapest

35. Apartment building on Harangvirág utca 11

Farkas Molnár, 1934-1935

This building was designed by Farkas Molnár, an influential architect of the Hungarian Bauhaus, who had studied at Weimar and had also worked together with Walter Gropius. The play of volumes is quite impressive in this building.


harangvirag_utca_11 (2)


36. Apartment buildings on Bem rakpart 25/a, 25/b and 26

Imre Glock, Gyula Jakobik and Gyula Wälder, 1932-1936

The three buildings on the Danube embankment have a uniform appearance even though constructed in different periods. The general impression left by the sharp bay windows is softened by the prominent eaves and the corner balconies located at some distance from them.



37. Dunapark House

Pozsonyi út 38-42, Újlipótváros
Ferenc Domány & Béla Hofstätter, 1935-1936

This complex of luxury apartments is the most famous example of Modernist architecture in Újlipótváros. It boasts with big flats and spectacular stairways. It also had a garden with dressing rooms and showers on the top roof overlooking the Danube.

The Dunapark Café is located on the side of the building facing Szent István Park. (A Bauhaus-style grand café sounds very rare to me.) A cinema was also designed to be a part of the complex, but this plan was not fulfilled.


dunapark_house (2)


38. Atrium House and Cinema

Margit körút 55, Országút
Lajos Kozma, 1936

This is the most famous work of Lajos Kozma. There are many elegant details in the vestibule, such as mirror-covered and checkered columns.


atrium_house_cinema (2)

atrium_house_cinema (3)


39. Budaörs Airport

Kőérberki utca 36, Örsöd
Virgil Bierbauer, 1935-1937

The terminal building of the old airport is one of the most elegant Bauhaus buildings in Budapest, but is in a very bad state today. It was Hungary’s main airport until Ferihegy Airport opened in 1950.


budaors_airport (2)

budaors_airport (3)


40. Holitscher House

Rákóczi út 12 / Síp utca 1 / Dohány utca 9, Erzsébetváros
Gyula Wälder, 1936-1937

This building is similar to the complex on Madách tér because of the façade, the shape of the windows, the balcony bars, and the barrier of the roof.



41. Building complex on Madách tér

Károly körút 15-25 / Madách tér 1-7, Erzsébetváros
Gyula Wälder, Tibor Hübner, István Janáky & Gedeon Gerlóczy, 1935-1938

This prominent complex around Madách Square stands out for its massive central arc and brickwork.



42. Georgia Tenement House

Rákóczi út 4 / Károly körút 1, Erzsébetváros
Ede Novák, Béla Barát & Dezső Hültl, 1935-1939

This structure consists of two parts. The part of the building overlooking Rákóczi út was constructed on the basis of the plans of Ede Novák and Béla Barát in 1935. It is adorned with a clock, a roof terrace and a bronze statue depicting Minerva on the side. The rest of the building was designed by Dezső Hültl in 1939. His vision was to copy the elements of the original building to have symmetry as a result.



43. Protestant church on Pozsonyi út

Pozsonyi út 58, Újlipótváros
Imre Tóth and Jenő Halászy, 1936-1940

This Modernist church at the end of Újlipótváros shows the influence of Neoclassicism. Under the church floor there are meeting rooms and a stage. Since the summer of 1944 hundreds of Jews, fugitives and people persecuted for their political views were hidden here.



44. Protestant church of Rákospalota

Kossuth utca 1, Rákospalota
Rezső Csaba, 1938-1941

This Gothic-inspired church has a tall slim clock tower with two smaller towers at the corners. Its lean lines and decorative ornamentation is true Art Deco.



45. Buildings on Cserei köz 5-19

Sándor Grósz & Béla Sipos, 1933-1942

These small houses resemble British row houses. On the ground floor of each building there is a living room, a kitchen and a dining room. Private rooms are located upstairs. The largest house at 13-15 has a sunlit basement and some Baroque Art Deco motifs on its façade.

cserei_koz (3)

cserei_koz (2)



46. Apartment building on Pozsonyi út 53-55

István Hámor, 1941-1942

The structure standing on a triangle-shaped site opposite the Dunapark House is one of the loveliest Bauhaus buildings in the 13th district. (The building next to it is on Victor Hugo utca 45.)

pozsonyi ut 53-55

pozsonyi ut 53-55 (2)


47. Apartment building on Lotz Károly utca 4/a

The railings of the balconies make this building quite dynamic.



48. Apartment buildings on Katona József utca 33/b and 35

Other Bauhaus-style buildings in Újlipótváros



49. Apartment building on Victor Hugo utca 36

Another Bauhaus-style building in Újlipótváros



50. Apartment building on Tátra utca 5/c

This building has large balconies running all the way along the façade.



51. Apartment building on Mester utca 15

This Bauhaus-building is located at the corner of Mester utca and Tinódi utca.


mester_utca_15 (2)