Below are some texts that I have written in or about various cities in either English or Estonian.


Moving Pictures

Selection of my Facebook posts; written in Estonia, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy (2013-2020; in English)


Still Lives

Excerpts from my diary; people, places and books; written in Estonia, Turkey, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Germany and Italy (2011-2017; in Estonian)


Imaginary Budapest

Place names of Budapest; old neighbourhoods; old coffee houses, hotels, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, brothels, and pissoirs of Budapest; imaginary travel (written between October 2016 and March 2017; in English)


In Search of Proust’s Window

About my attempt to find the Gothic window in Venice that Proust described in Albertine disparue; imaginary travel (written between December 2016 and February 2017; in Estonian, with citations in French)


Street of the Emperor

About the most evocative street in Bad Ischl: Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Straße (written in September and October 2016; in Estonian)


The Ceramic Tiles of Lisbon

About the history and types of azulejos, and about how places grow in me after I have left them (written between May and July 2016; in Estonian)



Observations of Tajik people that I encountered during my trip to Dushanbe (written in June 2016; in English)



Flight from Dushanbe to Istanbul, people that I met during my first trips to Istanbul, and colours (written between February and June 2014, edited in July 2015; in Estonian; unfinished)


I Wanted to Write About…

My incapability to write about a trip through Lithuania and Poland to Berlin (written between spring and autumn 2013, edited in July 2015; in English)


Notes on a Pilgrimage

Flâneur, philosophy of travelling, Proust, literary pilgrimages, and a collage of Parisian impressions and incidents (written in April and May 2012; in English, with citations in French and Estonian)


A Ride to Novi Sad

Impressions from a trip to Serbia (written in October and November 2010; in English)


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