Ancient & Medieval


Below are portfolios with photos of ancient and medieval architecture.


Greek & Roman Sites in Sicily

9 Greek and Roman cities, with 40 structures from 6th century BC to 4th century AD; temples, theatres and mosaics


Roman Sites in Arles, Nîmes & Orange

26 Roman sites from the late 1st century BC to the early 4th century AD; 3 archaeological museums


Late Roman & Byzantine Sites of Thessaloniki

21 buildings from 3rd to 14th centuries; Late Roman and Early, Middle and Late Byzantine structures; mosaics, frescoes and columns


Late Roman & Byzantine Sites of Istanbul

62 buildings from 3rd to 14th centuries; Late Roman and Early, Middle and Late Byzantine structures; mosaics; disappeared places (imaginary Istanbul)


Syriac Churches & Monasteries of Mardin & Midyat

10 churches, 5 monasteries and one former patriarchal building; most structures in the cities of Mardin and Midyat, with two rural monasteries in the Mardin Province; Syriac Orthodox, Syriac Catholic, Chaldean Catholic and Assyrian Protestant denominations; from 4th to 20th centuries


Medieval Georgian Churches & Monasteries

31 Georgian churches and monasteries, including those in the highland region of Svaneti; overview of historical development of Georgian ecclesiastical architecture from the 4th until the 18th century (with the mentioning of 51 other structures)


Byzantine Crete

14 Byzantine buildings from 6th to 14th centuries; mostly domed churches, but also baths and walls; some frescoes


Pre-Romanesque Oviedo

7 Pre-Romanesque buildings, mostly churches, from around the 9th century; sculptural pieces and pieces of goldsmithery and jewellery


Middle Byzantine Churches of Kastoria

7 churches from 9th to 12th centuries, including their fresco decorations


Moorish & Mudéjar Buildings in Toledo

12 buildings from 9th to 14th centuries; Moorish mosques and Mudéjar churches and synagogues


Byzantine Churches of Athens

13 churches, most from the Middle Byzantine period (10th to 12th centuries), including the mosaics of the Daphni Monastery


ShUM Cities & Jewish Frankfurt

36 sites from the 10th to 21st centuries, including former Jewish quarters and destroyed buildings


Gothic Portals & Gables of Tallinn

49 Gothic churches and secular buildings (mostly merchants’ houses), from the 13th to 16th centuries


Catalan Gothic Churches and Palaces in Alghero

2 churches with Catalan Gothic features and 10 palaces with the remains of Catalan Gothic portals and windows, from the mid-15th to the mid-16th century